bring out the most
in yOur balcony.

social gatherings

changing the way
we use balconies.

In the present time advanced living can be a test when living in a confined space.

Our main objective was to create a product that is ready-to-assemble and lets you truly take advantage of your balcony by transforming it suitable outdoor space. Whether allowing you to create that office from home you’ve always wanted or that entertainment area your balcony was in need of.

Our balconybar styles.

BALCONYBAR. | Cold Beers

BALCONYBAR. | Morning Coffee

add this feature to your balcony.

thinking outside
the box is our motto.

Balconybar is flat pack furniture that is practical, well designed, and ready-to-assemble. We have designed brackets that will specifically fit the need of your balcony railing whether it be round, rectangular or glass. It’s as simple as fastening a few screws and then you are off to enjoying the new benefits of your balcony.

1. balcony type & order

Choose between our 3 different colours, your railing type and we will have it dispatched to you on us.

2. assemble time

It arrives as a flat pack and is assembled together by you with all the necessary tools provided. You will have it attached to your railing in no time.

3 . now attach & enjoy

This step is crucial. We advise you get a hand to avoid any accident. With a friend attach your finished assembled balconybar to your railing and make sure that it is secure. Grab a drink and enjoy your new addition to your balcony.

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